Black Women – The Commodity We Must Protect

Protect Black Women

Protect black women. That statement can be taken in various ways by so many people. For some, it evokes feelings of pride for others it speaks about superiority and inferiority between genders. For us, we believe that women and men are equal. It’s the basis of our brand, Genesis 1:27. Protecting black women is about acknowledging the silence and injustice that happens to our women every day. In so many movements in history women have been silenced, their contributions to society diminished. We don’t want to see that anymore.

See protecting the black woman is about exposing and protecting her power. She is the incubator of a nation, the strength alongside her brothers, sons, fathers, nephews, and friends. She is the one on the front row at the funeral of her husband, holding up her children, and nourishing the souls and bodies of many. The black woman is the one consoling her sons as they deal with the harsh reality of police brutality and systemic injustice. Black women are marching on the frontlines of change. They are dying at the hands of oppression. And still, every day she rises to serve alongside her male counterparts. She births ideas, nurtures people, builds business, teaches, equips, entertains, corrects, and revitalizes hearts all in a day's worth. That is worth protecting.

Over the years the identity of the black woman has been watered down and misconstrued by the media. Her value has been distorted. Her achievements minimized to the curves of her body. She has become the embodiment of stereotypes fueled by fear, misunderstanding, and manipulation. She’s either angry, ghetto, hard, uneducated, man-hating, bougie, or on the struggle bus if you go by the TV.  That’s not who God designed her to be.

So at this time as we deal with everything happening in our world including the deaths of our men and women we want to push that women should be protected in any way. Protect her mind. Protect her body. Protect her image. Protect her heart. Protect her soul, her essence, and her future. Protect her life.


It’s not about men vs. women. It’s about US. Together it’s all of our responsibility to protect black women.


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