Does Kanye Really Believe Jesus is King?

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Jesus is King and Kanye West is announcing it to the world. Que head-scratching. Kanye West is a name that has perhaps been synonymous with musical genius and a deranged artist at different points in his career. For many of us, we have grown up watching and reading about the triumphant highs and the humiliating lows of his life through the media. He has infamously spouted some radical statements about Christianity, faith, and religion as a whole. It was certainly shocking as the world watched him spend time with spiritual figures such as Kirk Franklin. And an even bigger awe was amplified as we witnessed Sunday Service unfold before our eyes. It left many people scratching their heads and questioning the authenticity of this new Kanye. Is he really a Christian? Is the man who once called himself God praising Jesus? Many skeptics questioned — including me.

That is when it occurred to me. There is a major flaw in modern-day Christianity. Sometimes we believe that we can tell whom God has saved and whom He has not. I am sure that the people in Paul’s day found it hard to conceive the murdering persecutor of Jewish people, would become the biggest advocate for the faith. In a world of social media, Paul would’ve been #cancelled quickly. The truth is we may never really know what provoked a change in Kanye or if it’s genuine. Moreover, frankly, it’s irrelevant to spend time wondering. Instead, there are three lessons that believers can learn from Kanye West and apply them to our lives.

Forgiveness is Real and Powerful Beyond Measure.

We grasp the idea of forgiveness on a small scale. When asking for it from a friend for missing a date, or a spouse for failing to do the task they asked. But, when it comes to witnessing forgiveness in other people’s lives we can have waves of doubt. Finding solace that the forgiveness of God is unmeasurable brings us back to the cross.The mere salvation of every sinner who accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior is proof that God's love has no cap. It is limitless And His forgiveness is too when we are willing to receive it. So what makes it different for someone who "we deem" as worse off than us?

Kanye moving on with his life and his transformation is proof that he believes he has been forgiven. What would happen if we all received the forgiveness of God in that radical way? If we lived like every sin, every transgression was truly wiped away and understood we could do anything God asked us to do. Then imagine, we took that one step further and used the same forgiveness to impact and free those around us who have been held in the bondage of our grudges. Each time I see Kanye now, who by no stretch of the imagination was the worst human or most ruthless sinner, I see a symbol of the power of God’s grace and forgiveness in our lives.

Utilize what you have to make an impact.

Sure, we don’t all have millions of followers and contacts across the globe. One thing that we all have in common is the ability to utilize what we do have. Kayne can fill up stadiums and bring all of the media to a standstill with one tweet. That is simply a response to him utilizing what he had access to. He wasn’t always a celebrity. At one point in time, he was an ordinary guy with a dream and a plan. He executed the plan. Now he is crucified because of his level of impact instead of supported in prayer.

When we choose to use what we have to glorify God we become more impactful. We add more value to the world. That’s what Sunday Service appears to be doing. There’s no church building, no hyped-up religious pre-ample. It’s purely an example of starting where you are and doing something radical for Jesus.

Sunday Service doesn’t look like everything else. It doesn’t feel like church. But, one thing that it does for sure is draws a crowd. A group of people that may not be exposed to the love of Jesus otherwise. It’s our responsibility to spread the gospel around the world. Maybe it won’t look like stepping into a pulpit and giving a sermon. And it may not include filling arenas with people because of your celebrity status. It may just be meeting one need of one person at a time on an intimate level, in a way that truly imitates Jesus. The bottom-line is we fulfill our responsibilities to reach people with the gospel through utilizing what God has given us.

Be Willing to Look Like a Fool.

I’ve heard it before, especially in reference to David dancing out of his clothes in praise or the disciples appearing drunk when they were filled with the Holy Spirit. But what does modern-day foolery look like? If no one is naked outside of temples, if you’re not speaking in belligerent tongues on hilltops what are you willing to do? Are you willing to embrace your identity as a child of Christ in a way that leaves both believers and non-believers trying to reconcile what’s happening? Kayne’s life exhibits that. I’m sure he gets darted side-eye looks from those close to him as well as strangers. But that hasn’t stopped him from continuing on the path before him.

How do we live in that same principle? How can we be so careless about the perception of others in our pursuit of doing what God called us to do and making Him famous among the nations? How do we become free from our bondage and need for approval from others in a radical way? When do we get over rejection, fear, doubt, pride, and reputation enough to say I am willing to look like a fool for you God? 

The bottom line is Jesus is King, Kanye ain't lying. And if you're part of the family of God rejoice at Kanye's salvation and welcome him home! Get your limited edition shirt as an expression of being in unity with ye.

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