Prayer for Black Men

Father, thank you that you are perfect in all your ways. We worship you as our King, protector, and lover. You are the creator of mankind. You fashioned us in your image without blemish. That means the black man was created intentionally, with no mistakes. Give him peace in that today as he wrestles between the pride in who he is and the fear of what that means in this country. Let there be no self-hate cultivated in his soul because of what's been pounded into him all his life. We bind up every thought that would convey he's not enough. We command every word that cast brokenness over his identity be canceled now. Let him find strength in this time. Let him endure and stand tall while the world tries to break him down. Heal the heart of the black man from the trauma of mistreatment and the ever-present idea of death at the hands of another human. God, we lift up our husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews, and cousins to you, asking for a hedge of protection. Allow them to have unity in their spirit, soul, and mind. We pray they won't be divided against themselves or against each other. God, we speak life to them. We speak encouragement to the downtrodden soul. We pray they are never in the wrong place at the wrong time. We pray the targets are removed from their backs. Cancel the assignment to erase them from the earth. And free them from the misconceptions painted and manipulated by the mass media. God, we pray that you increase every black man in stature and favor. Don't let their brilliance be diminished or character destroyed. Give them faith in the midst of darkness and hope in the middle of heartache. Father, we pray that you let our black man breathe. 

In your Son's name, Amen. 


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