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Why Not Me?

Another opportunity. Another disappoint. You sit there wondering why not me—again. As if it wasn’t enough that people already don’t notice your skills, talents, or the way you operate in them with excellence and grace. But this time you were sure you’d be chosen. What else do I have to do? What else is there to prove? Why doesn’t anybody see me? It’s a painful place to be, alone in your thoughts. To hide your disappointment you turn inside. No one else has to carry the burden of your emotional trauma from being overlooked once again. Even if you could trust someone to hold onto the secret you know eventually they’d get emotionally drained and tune you out, or attempt...

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When It Comes to Religion There's Always Something

It seems like people in churches can never run out of a reason to judge someone. She had a baby out of wedlock. He sold drugs, and now he wants salvation. Kanye West is doing Sunday service. Religious environments can be so toxic to the soul. Why do broken people love breaking down others in their pursuit of knowing Jesus? It’s no wonder millennials are leaving the church at alarming rates—there’s no room for authenticity in a place filled with replicas of what others think Jesus is. And to clear the air, we are deeply in love with the church established by God. And you can find members of our team serving, leading, and giving to church every Sunday because...

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