Where is God in the Midst of Mess?

Killing after killing. Riots. Demands for justice. More killings. Babies aborted. Viruses, sickness, and other phenomena that could only be compared to plagues overtake us. Disaster increases; hope decreases. It becomes evidently clear that black people aren’t safe in this country, hate is running rampant, and the love of money is causing chaos. This has to be a horror movie that we are living in. But where is the hero that comes to save us? Where is God in the midst of our mess?

It can be easy to think, even as believers, that God has been silent. Or that He has abandoned us and left us to our evil ways. Scary to realize that this nation identifies Christianity as the number one religion, but fails to represent that in overall actions and policies. Hypocrisy. Is that why we haven’t seen God show up? Is that why he hasn’t swooped in and saved us from our own travesty? With a snap of a finger (no Thanos imagery) couldn’t He restore everything and put us in the righteous and just order He desires? That would be great! But reality check, that isn’t about to happen. Not because God isn’t able, that simply isn’t the way He works.

Since our existence, I can’t think of anything God did without a person. That’s because when he made mankind he gave us dominion and authority over the earth (Genesis 1:28). When that transaction took place we became responsible for stewarding the earth. God’s actions expressed a divine trust for us, who are created in his image, to take over where He left off. He gave us permission to build on what He’d already given us. Everything was perfect. And then there was the fall of humanity. The moment satan tricked us into forfeiting or God-like nature by promising us we’d be more like God. Pause that’s some foolishness, but that’s for another blog. The impact of that distraction reaches all of humanity. And unfortunately, we are living within the results of that moment. 

Y'all know that’s not where the story ends. God loved us, so He sent His Son to redeem us. As the historical account goes, Jesus interjects the Kingdom's philosophy shattering religion and empowers us to live out the gospel. He also redeems us from our sins and the activities that took place back in the garden of Eden. So, in theory, everything should go back to the way it’s supposed to be, right? Wrong...well sort of. Because God isn’t forcing Himself on anyone. However, He dwells inside of those who believe in Him. Everybody isn’t saved. Everybody doesn’t know God. Which is why we see such a shattered and scattered society today. But it’s up to us who do know Him to make it right.

Think about it, every time God did anything miraculous He involved people. Your favorite Bible characters are heroes and heroines because they followed God’s direction, utilized His wisdom, and aligned themselves with His plan. David, Esther, Ruth, Elijah, Samuel, Habakkuk, Matthew, Peter, Paul, or anyone else you name was a vessel in accomplishing God’s plan. 

Where is God in the midst of our mess? Inside of each of us. God dwells in, speaks to, and has an intricately interwoven purpose for each of His children. And it’s’ through us walking in our purpose that we will see the world transform. When we collectively operate as the body of Christ, each person functioning in its proper place, we will move mountains and break systematic chains of oppression. We can out love hate. It’s our responsibility. God isn’t leaving Heaven. Jesus isn’t coming back again before the appointed time. But He did leave us here. Jesus restored our dominion and authority. He gave us back the power that the enemy abated. If we don’t use it, is His sacrifice in vain?

What can we do right now? What if we don’t know how to operate in this season. Where are we most effective? Here are three things that we recommend everyone does at this time. We will, and we hope you join us too. 

  1. Pray - God answers our prayers. That is a promise. We need to make sure our prayers are big enough, pointed enough, and god-like enough. It’s time out for our prayers being self-focused. Instead, we should ask God what He wants to happen in the world, and how can we serve His vision. In the kingdom, it seems like everyone asks how can they serve another person’s vision. But when is the last time you ask God how to serve His vision for the world. What role you play in ushering souls into the Kingdom. How can you inspire change with your gifts whether it's teaching, writing, drawing, accounting, on anything? Why did God give you that gifting and how does He want you to use it? These types of prayers help us to discern what is necessary and implement it with actions. 
  2. Get Over yourself - This is a hard and harsh statement. But most of the time we don’t execute what we hear in prayer because of some limitations we have put on ourselves. When God instructs you to do something He doesn’t then place limits on you. He stretches us beyond what we think we can do. So we must get over ourselves. We must think past us in order to help the many. That’s not saying neglect yourself, but to not only think about yourself. Don’t let your fears, motives, pains, comfortability, history, or possible future prevent you from obeying what God is calling you to do. 
  3. Love Others - This is the second greatest command y'all. In the world, it’s known as the Golden Rule. We grew up learning about treating others how we want to be treated. But the Word takes it further and says love others as yourself. Which means grace, mercy, love, seeking justice, providing access, being vulnerable, and transparent, and seeking the best for other people. That’s hard to do in a world of hate. But when we let love be our compass we will be in alignment with God. To clarify that doesn’t diminish our desire for justice. On the contrary, it intensifies our demand for it to manifest. Our love for others definitely drives our hate for principalities of darkness that try to overtake us. And that demands action. 

So where is God? He’s in you! The question is are you going to tie Him down or unleash him through your actions in the season. 

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