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The Year of Double Vision

Walking through life with double vision is easy to do. It’s not done with malicious intent. In fact, most times, it’s the opposite. We desire to do good, to improve, but we are doing so by the wrong standard. When we get stuck in this trap, it’s because we weren’t intentional. By the time we realize that somethings wrong, it’s too late. But this is the real reason so many goals go unchecked and unmet. We’re walking around blind to the Spirit, in search of a truth that He already provided.

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You Have a Superpower, It’s Time to Use It!

We’re just ordinary people (I am definitely singing that in my John Legend voice). But seriously, when we look in the mirror, it’s unlikely that we see our reflections as someone with the power to take over the world. Some of us don’t see a person with the strength to take on the day nevertheless combat the forces of everyday evil that come against us. We’ve decided to leave that to the Marvel® characters. But what if I told you there’s a superpower that we all have access to? Would it change your life? It sure changed mine! Don’t worry there aren’t any pills to take or mantras to chant; it’s merely five letters that may redefine what you believe...

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