The Year of Double Vision

Here we are entering into a marketing dream turned nightmare. So many puns, so many clichés, so many strategies surround the year 2020. It’s the set-up for perfect vision. People in the church are proclaiming that this is the year of clarity. The year where it all makes sense. For them, it may very well be. But, is that all God wants His people to know? Is this shift into the new decade on the Gregorian calendar really boiled down to simple man-made concepts? I’m going into this year sensing double vision. I know, that’s still on the cliché wavelength, but hear me out.

Every year people enter with the ideal progression of their lives. There are goals set and never met. Some abandoned, some chased after with reckless abandon. Many goals derived from the pressure of past failures and let downs. However, each year we optimistically approach new mile markers with superficial motivations fuel by the day on the calendar. But how many of us take time to really ask God what He wants us to do? How does He think we should progress? What are we not hearing about the future? What about the not so pretty goals. The ones that will take extreme accountability and work. No, I am not referencing our workout regimens, but the deep soul work. The corrections He asks us to make for our future are somehow missing from the vision boards replaced with images of houses and career moves.
Now, that does mean there is anything wrong with an aspiration for more. Nevertheless, it does lend us to the danger of living a life of double vision. The idea we have for our lives and the vision God has. It’s like walking through life with a virtual reality helmet and never acknowledging where the Creator is moving us. If we are in tune with God, we learn that our desires are his desires. But, when we aren’t, we push aside his plan for a more “suitable” version that matches the rest of the world.

Walking through life with double vision is easy to do. It’s not done with malicious intent. In fact, most times, it’s the opposite. We desire to do good, to improve, but we are doing so by the wrong standard. When we get stuck in this trap, it’s because we weren’t intentional. By the time we realize that somethings wrong, it’s too late. But this is the real reason so many goals go unchecked and unmet. We’re walking around blind to the Spirit, in search of a truth that He already provided.

Have you ever had double vision physically? Outside of being intoxicated! It’s scary. You start thinking you’ve got a brain injury, a stroke, extremely high blood pressure, or other life-threating issues depending on the severity. Whatever the case, you get it handled right away, so your vision comes back into alignment. You don’t walk around dizzy, not sure of what is what. That would be insanity. If that’s the case with our vision, why isn’t it the case for our lives? We’re walking through fire because we can’t see the path laid out before us.

This isn’t about conviction or clowning anybody. It’s simply a plea and a prayer that you take a moment to align yourself with God. To seek out His will in every decision, goal, and desire you have going into this year and beyond. For me, it’s the year of alignment. It’s the columniation of what’s been building. And we pray for you. It’s the same. That you no longer walk around with a double vision, but that you walk in alignment with His.


Happy New Year Ya’ll!